Version 1.0.2

Fix ABI Parsing

Fix describe.only

Mocha describe.only behaviour was broken with eoslime test

Flexibility in eoslime initialisation

EOSLime was able to be initialised only with pre-configured providers connections. Now you can connect eoslime to your chain and keep the pre-configured functionality as the default account on local network

// New local flexible initialization
const eoslime = require('eoslime').init('local', { url: 'Your url', chainId: 'Your chainId' });
const eoslime = require('eoslime').init('jungle', { url: 'Your url', chainId: 'Your chainId' });
const eoslime = require('eoslime').init('bos', { url: 'Your url', chainId: 'Your chainId' });
// ... any other supported netwok ...

Read-only contracts

You are able now to instantiate a contract without a signer/executor and read the contract's tables

Tutorial section in the documentation

Describe how examples in the documentation could be run

Code coverage from 46% to 90+ %

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